Goodbye Normandy, Hello Brittany!

Me voici de retour avec pleins de km en plus dans les jambes!!! 717km parcourus et une nouvelle région qui débute! La Bretagne, avec Saint-Malo et Dany un hôte d’exception! Petit récapitulatif de ces derniers jours, en anglais cette fois-ci 🙂 avec photos!

I’m back after a technology gap! Since I last wrote I did Utah Beach – Cherbourg, then Cherbourg to Pirou plage and then last night I stayed in Avranches. Already 717km cycled since the 10th May and a lot of sunny days until the last few days that were wet and windy.

« Who changes the children, changes the world »  


I met quite a lot of fellow tourers, mainly Brits!!! A couple of them were looking at changing roads once and I told them that the alternative route was probably going to be windier. He replied « what’s a bit of wind?! » ..I love the Brits for that, they just don’t stop going because the weather is bad, windy or whatever.. They live! So I was actually happy in the rain for some time yesterday… But today I must say, the « bit of wind » drained me! If I was doing business here I would probably go bankrupt! Bloody wind and my speed reduces to 50% ! Not kidding! 
I was lucky enough to meet St Michel on my way (with its Mont), at about 11am this morning, and even luckier that it was tasting time!!! After trying all the galettes, my favorite is definitely Roudor! So it helped me cope with the following 2 hours!   


First fall of the Tour! Yes I did!! And I saw it coming and fell in slow motion! Outch! But no drama, I’m still up and going 🙂 
So today after hours cycling but still my normal 80km average, I got to Saint Malo 🙂 The good thing about the wind is that the weather changes quickly so I got wet then dried then got wet again and then got a beautiful and windy evening! And an awesome dinner! Thanks Dany & cie for the hospitality! 



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